All that glitters ain’t gold – why buying $300 gaming PC from eBay is a terrible idea

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Recently while shopping online, I came across some “budget gaming PC’s” on eBay for $300. $300? Really??? My first thought: That’s gotta be trash. But I decided to look at the specs and read around for some reviews to get an idea on how these are working. Maybe they are not so bad; after all, building computes with cheap parts is how Dell got their start in the business. And these cheap gaming PC’s seem like they were doing well.

But should you buy one? Absolutely not. Why?

First, here’s how they get you:

Color but cheap desktop PC

See this photo? Look at the pretty lights. Those lights are supposed to convince you that this PC is worth buying and that $200 is a steal. It can’t be cheap right, I mean those lights are awesome! This PC look like it costs $1000! It’s so pretty!

Don’t fall for the pretty lights. It’s a sham. They just give the illusion that you’re buying a decent PC.

And they only cost $35 for a five pack. That’s $7 per fan. Not that hard to make a crappy PC look pretty.

Alright, now that we gotten past the pretty lights, let’s break down the rest of the parts.

From the listing this is what you get in your PC:

– Intel Core i5-650 3.20 Ghz
– H55 LGA 1156 Motherboard
– DVI and HDMI Converter
– 7 USB ports (4 in the back, 3 on the front panel)
– WINDOWS 10 Pro
– WIFI Ready! Ready for Gaming!

So there are two things you should never cheap out on a gaming PC: The CPU and the GPU. As you can see, they used the best of the best in regards to cheap parts. Some of these parts are almost 10+ years old. Nothing wrong with that but why would you want to start your PC out with outdated parts? For one, there is no guaranteed that the parts in this PC are new. These parts could have gotten reused several times before it got to your hands, which means they probably have a year left in them if you are lucky. And starting with outdated parts means that the warranty is probably done on them and the parts tend to be difficult to replace since they are not made anymore. But the huge problem with using old parts is the gaming support. As games are made to be more advanced every year, old graphics cards and CPU’s are unable to keep up and thus you end up with lagging and glitching in your games. You’re better off buying a $500 basic desktop from this year.

Unless you want to end up with a $300 brick this ain’t the way to go.


I’ll be surprised if this PC lasts a year (especially with that power supply. It is absolutely awful)

What should you get instead?

If you are in the market for a gaming PC, spend a little more money for a pre-built one or build one on your own for $500. Either way, don’t waste your money on this junk.