Battlestation Inspo - Pretty Pink
Source: Reddit r/battlestations

Battlestation Inspo – Pretty Pink

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Desk Setup

In this first of many Battlestation Inspo, I want to recreate as closely as possible the many neat desktop setups out there. I picked this one as my first because it’s simple, stylish and cute. It’s also compact, which is perfect if you are in a very small space. A pretty sweet setup if you ask me. Setup like these are great because they provide efficiency and a clean space to get things done. Overcomplicating your setup can end up becoming cluttered pretty quickly.

Let’s start small. I thought the studio foam would be difficult to get but I found them instantly. You can get them here for $50. These are perfect if you are doing podcasts or video commentary.

Backlights are generally cheap and widely used. You can get those here.

The keyboard and mouse brand was tricky. I know the brand was from Razer (which is a great brand), however, that particular color is difficult to find (probably because it was a limited edition). I was able to find the white versions which are here and here.

And the lighted desk mat was even tricker as I could not find one in white or gray. But best believe I will be getting one myself. You can get yours too right here.

Now let’s look at the monitors. The bottom is curved and logo tells me it was from Asus. After doing some digging, I think I found the right one (or at least close to it):

Asus 27

You gotta admit, this Monitor is pretty sweet by itself. Take a look.

A smaller monitor on tops is the best way to compliment a setup with a stacked configuration. This Dell 19″ monitor will work just nicely.

Finishing off with the stacked Dual Monitor Mount. Make sure you have a decent heavy desk for this, or else your whole setup will end up going over.

Now for our Dream Configurations. Since I cannot see the insides of the tower I’m just going to make up a dream setup. Note that these won’t all be high-end parts. You can build a decent PC on a budget too.

Corsair Mini Desktop Case

Dream Configuration – for Starters

Corsair Mini-Desktop Case

Asus Mini Motherboard

Intel i5 Processor

Rosewill 700W Power Supply

Corsair 16GB Memory

XFX Radeon RX 580 GTS Graphics Card

Corsair CPU Cooling

Samsung 1TB SSD